Australian Survivor Season 3 Episode 1


Australian Survivor S03E01 – Days 1 and 2

Welcome to Australian Survivor. In this season, 24 castaways were divided into three unique tribes each with eight people. Aganoa in red, Saanapu in blue, and Vavau in yellow. Once the tribes competed in their very first reward challenge.

Reward challenge

In this first reward challenge held on day 1, the tribes ransacked a platform. This platform contained supplies that they will need. They loaded onto their raft. Once their supplies were loaded, they can paddle their boat to a second platform that contained a torch. The first tribe to light their tribe tourch wins fire for their tribe. Sam for Saanapu won the challenge.

Sam won the challenge for Saanapu; at camp, the tribe flourished due to their early victory. Bianca, a private investigator, told her tribe she worked in insurance to avoid suspicion. Conner burned his hand while tending to the fire but was helped by firefighter Kylie, and he later aligned with Flick. At Vavau, Nick took an early leadership role, and was able to encourage good morale despite early struggles; the tribe ended the day with a shelter. At Aganoa, Kat took the lead in building the shelter while Des slacked off, and the two argued. Though Des had had survival training from his time in the army, he refused to share it with his tribe-mates. The tribe was unable to build a fire or shelter before nightfall; they tried sleeping on the sand near the ocean for warmth but were woken up due to the high tide, which washed away their entire camp.

Immunity challenge

Six members of each tribe raced up and down two A-frames and a net wall, releasing a rope at the top, then navigated a series of small platforms using two planks. They then used the rope to pull a heavy wooden crate filled with puzzle pieces across the course. The other two tribemates then used the pieces to solve a puzzle; the first pair to complete it won immunity for their tribe.

Saanapu and Vavau won the challenge, earning an additional reward of fire in the form of flint, while Aganoa lost after Des and Kat struggled on the puzzle. Back at camp, Des scrambled to survive the vote and targeted Kat, while Kat rallied the women against Des. To save himself, Des used his army training to help his tribe build the shelter, and alerted the other men to the possibility of a women’s alliance. Evan and Kristie considered teaming up, as both were wary about teaming up along gender lines and unsure about who to eliminate.

Tribal Council – Aganoa Tribe

At Tribal Council, the entire tribe came together and voted Des out; the Aganoa tribe received flint before heading back to camp.


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