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Australian Survivor Season 3 Episode 12

Day 28 At Vavau, Sue, Kate, and Conner were stunned at Craig's elimination and questioned Phoebe over how she came to possess the hidden immunity...

Australian Survivor Season 3 Episode 25

Lee, El and Kristie immediately left camp in the morning to participate in the Traditional "Rites of Passage"; they walked past the torches of...

Australian Survivor Season 3 Episode 2

Day 3 After the Aganoa tribe had returned from Tribal Council, Kristie was unable to find her bag and accused her tribe of hiding it...

Australian Survivor Season 3 Episode 1

Australian Survivor S03E01 - Days 1 and 2 Welcome to Australian Survivor. In this season, 24 castaways were divided into three unique tribes each with...

Survivor: Borneo Episode #2 – Days Four, Five, and Six

Welcome to the second episode of Survivor: Borneo. With three days in the books, who has what it take to Survive the next three days?

Survivor News: Details on Season 35

With the Finale airing this Wednesday, it is never too early to look ahead to season 35. According to Inside Survivor, the name and...

Survivor: Game Changers: Finale Preview

  This Wednesday Join Aubry, Brad, Cirie, Tai, Sarah, and Troyzan for the 2 hour finale and reunion show. Which one of these four will...