“Big Brother 2″ Week 1” Days 1-10


“Big Brother 2″ Week 1” Days 1-10

Welcome to Big Brother season 2. In season 1, Eddie becomes the first ever Big Brother winner. He Walked Away with $500,000 curtsy of America. Now 12 new houseguests will be cut off from society for three months. That’s right, no phones, the internet, or television.

Week 1 Food Competition

For the first food competition, the 12 houseguests had to get inside a car, with all the groceries that they will need for the week. Once inside the car, they must remain inside for one minute. After that, a twist to the competition riddled the house. In a separate competition, the last houseguest inside the car will get the car. Autumn won the car.

Week 1 Luxury Competition

In the first Luxury competition of the season, the houseguests competed as a team, for a hot tub. They got the hot tub.

Week 1 HOH & Nominations

Mike became the first Head of Household. His responsibility of selecting two fellow houseguests for eviction. At the Nomination Ceremony, Mike nominated Nicole and Sheryl.

Week 1 Expelled From The House

On Big Brother 2, Josh became the first houseguest to be expelled from the house without being evicted. Josh was removed from the house because he broke several critical rules. One of which involved putting a knife to Krista’s neck and asking her jokingly “Do you Want me to Kil You?” …”No, seriously. Do you Want Me to Kill You?” He was removed on day 10.

Week 1 First Eviction

Two days later, on day 12, the houseguests voted for who they wanted to be evicted from the house. The nominees and the Head of Household can’t vote. The Head of Household can vote if there is a tie. In the week 1 eviction vote, out of the 12 houseguests in the house, only nine will be allowed to vote. Once the votes were counted, Sheryl was evicted 5-3.

After Week 1, What’s to Come in Week 2?

With the departure of Josh and Sheryl, there are only ten houseguests remaining to compete for the #500,000. Who will be the next Head of Household? Find out in week 2.



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