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Welcome to another episode of “Fear Factor.” In this episode, contestants will have to endure a fear of water, feast on some eggs, and have to go on a merry go round. As always these stunts should not be attempted at home.

Stunt #1: Drowning Closet


On Stunt number one, six contests will be locked in a plexiglass cell. It will fill up with water. The object of this stunt is to find wich key unlocks the two locks and get to the top to open the hatch. Only two men and two women will advance to the second stunt.

Stunt #2: Ostrich Egg

Welcome to stunt number two. I hope you brought an appetite. In this stunt, for the four remaining contestants, will have 20 minutes to drink a three-pound raw ostrich egg. The egg can feed 10 people. This stunt is a complete or fail.

Stunt #3: Merry-Go-Round

For the final stunt, the four remaining contestants have to walk on a balance beam as it spun over 100 feet high. While it’s spinning and walking they have to collect flags from the center and clip them on different flag poles. the person with the fastest time will become Fear Factor champion and pocket $50,000.

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