Fear Factor Season 3 Episode 8



Contestant Stunt 1 Stunt 2 Stunt 3
Aaron Advanced *Advanced Eliminated
Crystal Advanced *Eliminated Eliminated
Charlie Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated
Chris Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated
Shannon Advanced *Eliminated $25,000
Lorenzo Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated

Stunt 1: Burning Building

It’s hot for the first stunt as contestants climb a ladder, enter the fourth floor, follow a hose line to a room they put out a fire, rescue a dummy, and get out of the building. The two slowest are eliminated.

Stunt 2: Scorpion Pit

In the second stunt, they lie in pit with over 3,000 scorpions. They wait 30 seconds, then use a joystick to pick up scorpions with a robotic claw and transfer them into another pit in 3 minutes.

Stunt 3: Climbing Wall

In the finale, contestants have to stay on a climbing wall over 8 stories high as it repeatedly as it is flipped end over end as the wall would spin faster. The one to stay on the wall the longest before falling would be the Fear Factor Champion and win $50,000


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