Australian Survivor Season 3 Episode 1


Australian Survivor: Season 3 episode 1

Welcome to Australian Survivor. In Australia’s first season since 2006, 24 Australians’ were marooned in Samoa for the next 55 days. At the start of the game, they were divided into three tribes of eight. After that, the game began.

Day 1 – Reward Challenge

Before traveling to their respective camps, Johnathan explained to them that they will be competing in their first reward challenge. The challenge is simple, there are two rafts in the middle of the ocean. One raft has items that will help you and your tribe at camp. The second raft is containing the fire. On go, the tribes will run out to one or the other, or even both. The only rule is that all tribe members must be in the boat when getting the fire. First tribe to get the fire wins reward. It was a close swimming race between Saanapu and Vavau. The contest was over when the Saanapu tribe won the fire.

Back at Camp

Back at the Saanapu tribe, they quickly got camp life going. They got a shelter in place and also got the fire completed in record time. While that was happening Bianca and Peter had an unbreakable bond in the opening minutes that when they arrived at Saanapu, they would make an alliance. At the Aganoa tribe, the tension was high between Des and Kat. Phoebe was plotting her next few moves and felt that her only way of staying was to find a hidden immunity idol.

Day 2 – Immunity Challenge & Tribal Council

On day 2, the three tribes competed in the immunity challenge. The last place tribe will be going to tribal council and voting out a member of their own tribe. For this challenge, the tribes went through obstacles while collecting puzzle pieces. At the end of the course, two castaways can work on the puzzle. Struggling on the puzzle and having trouble putting the pieces in, the Aganoa tribe lost the immunity challenge. At Tribal Council, knowing that they were on the chopping block, Des and Kat attempted to save themselves by persuading the others to vote the other out. In the end by a vote of 7-1 Des was the first castaway voted out of Australian Survivor.


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