BBCAN 5 Week 7


Inside the BBCAN Odyssey, there are eight houseguests remaining to win the $100,000 prize. To begin the week, Kevin won Head of Household. During nominations, he did the unthinkable and nominated Ika and Demetres to the block. In the Power of Veto competition, Demetres drove home the win. Not only did he win the POV, but also won a test drive in the Toyota 86 with a jury member. He chose Sindy. During the drive, Demetres asked some questions to Sindy about how the jury was thinking. At the Veto meeting, Demetres used the veto on himself. Kevin replaced Demetris with Jackie. At the live eviction, Jackie was evicted with a vote of 3-1.

After Jackie was evicted from the game, Arisa revealed that by the end of the evening, two more houseguests will be evicted and join the jury. At the next Head of Household competition, Demetres won and had to nominate three houseguests for possible eviction. Demetres nominated Dre, Kevin, and William. At the Power of Veto competition, Kevin won ensuring his safety for the triple eviction. As HOH, Demetres selected Dillon to be the replacement nominee. At the second live eviction, the house voted on which houseguest to save instead of evicting. The house saved Dillon sending Dre and William to the jury house.


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