Big Brother United Kingdom 2017 Day 1 ” United Kingdom of Big Brother”


Big Brother United Kingdom 2017 – Day 1 (5 June)

Welcome to the 2017 civilian edition of Big Brother United Kingdom. In this series of Big Brother United Kingdom will include 16 housemates living in total isolation from the outside world for 3 months. But, what they don’t know is that there are four housemates competing for a spot inside the house. However, they will have complete contact with the outside world. This housemate will be known as “the Peoples housemate.” Viewers of the show will have a direct impact with this housemate in everything they do in the house.

As the People housemate, 21 year old Tom from Swansea endured one of his first tasks was to exile eight housemates. These exile housemates will be living in a different part of the house and will have their Big Brother future in question. That is because they will be automatically nominated for eviction. The housemates who were exiled were Arthur, Chanelle, Charlotte, Hannah, Lotan, Raph, Rebecca and Sukhvinder,


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