The Challenge: Champs vs. Pros Episode 1



In episode 1 of a 6 part challenge, 10 pro athletes will square off against 10 champions of season past of The Challenge. At the end of the final challenge, the winning team will win $50,000 for their charity. This special Challenge is hosted by NFL Wide Receiver Victor Cruz.

Here is how the entire season will go. There will five team challenges before the final challenge. Before the challenge can take pace, each team will select a team captain. If that team wins the challenge, the captain is safe from elimination. However, the losing team captain will be automatically sent into elimination. At nominations, the captain of the losing team gets’s to select someone of the same sex to go into elimination. Then the winning team will vote for both opponents to go to elimination.

At the elimination, known as “The Arena.” In the arena, it will be pros vs. pros and champs vs. champs. The winners will stay in the game while the losing competitor will be eliminated. But, the losing contestant will walk away with $1,000 for their charity.


Team Challenge #1: End of my Rope – Similar to the original challenge “Piggy Back” from The Challenge: Free Agents, teams are separated into two groups of five. Then, each group has to advance on hanging ropes from one platform to another that is suspended above water. After one player advances onto one rope, the next teammate has to use the first player as a “human bridge” in order to advance to the next rope. Subsequent players will continue the process, until each player is hanging on their own rope, at which point, players will continue to use their teammates as “human bridges” in order to reach the opposite platform. The team that gets the most players across wins. the captains for this challenge were Ashley M. for the champs and Louise for the Pros. In the first challenge, the Pros defeated the Champs automatically sending Ashley M. into elimination.


At nominations, Ashley will be going up against Veronica who was voted in by the rest of the champs. Then on the Pros side, Louise selected Candice to go in while the rest of the team chose Lolo to go in.


Pull No Punches: Similar to the original “Wrecking Wall” from The Challenge: Free Agents, each player must punch through a 30-foot drywall to make holes so they can climb up until they can reach a bell. The first player to ring the bell wins the elimination round. In the Champs elimination Ashley M. defeated Veronica while Lolo defeated Louise in the Pros round.


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