Fear Factor S01 E01

Contestant Stunt #1 Stunt #2 Stunt #3
Carlyle Advanced Quit Eliminated
Deirdre Advanced Advanced Eliminated
Gabriela Martins Advanced Advanced Quit
Nick Advanced Advanced Winner
Veronica Best Eliminated Eliminated Eliminated
Winston Advanced Advanced Eliminated


In first show ever of Fear Factor, the first six to ever try to win $50,000 first stunt was to hold on to a rope being dragged behind two horses. They would be dragged 100 yards down a muddy course on their stomachs going 35 miles per hour. The two men and the two women who went the furthest before letting go or who crossed the finish line would advance to the next round. The others would be eliminated. For the second stunt they ones left would have to lie in a pit and be covered with 400 rats. Everyone who stayed in the rat pit for 4 minutes would advance to the next round. In the final stunt, those left would have to climb out on a car suspended 150 feet in the air. They would have to remove a flag from the front of the hood and then retrieve a key from the trunk. They would then have to climb back inside the car, insert the key in the ignition, and honk the horn. It would be raining on the car the whole time. The contestant to complete this stunt the fastest would win the $50,000


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