Fear Factor Season 1 Episode 2



  • Andrea
  • Doug
  • Michael
  • Joe
  • Pam
  • Sonja

Stunt #1: Truck Jump

For the first stunt as two semi trucks drove side by side at over 40 miles per hour, contestants would have to jump the 7-foot gap between the two.

Stunt #2: Worm Coffin

Those who landed on the second truck trailer without using their hands to pull themselves up would advance to the next round. The second stunt they took lying down in a glass box and is covered with over 300,000 super worms. They would have stuck their hands in a bowl of super worms and draw from pieces of paper numbered 0, 1, and 5. The number they drew would be the number of worms they would have to eat before getting in the coffin. They had four minutes to finish and if they did they would advance to the finals.

Stunt #3 Catapult

Finally, those left would be strapped to stretched bungee cords and be catapulted over 100 feet in the air. While they were being catapulted, they would have to fire a paintball gun at a large target. Contestants would also have to take a turn being strapped to the center of the target hanging 80 feet above the ground wins.


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