Fear Factor S01E03



  • Brent
  • Chris
  • Jeanette
  • Lisa
  • Shannon
  • Trey

Stunt 1: Jet Ski Leap.

A leap of faith for the first stunt as contestants would ride on a jet ski as a helicopter flew overhead. They would grab onto the helicopter skit and use cargo netting to climb into the helicopter. Contestants who completed this stunt would advance.

Stunt 2: Bowling For Beatles

It’s beetle eating for the second stunt as those left would bowl one frame and knock down as many pins as possible. The number of pins left standing would be the number of live beetles they would have to eat. Everyone who ate their beetles in the time limit (30 seconds per beetle) would advance.

Stunt 3: Rope Crawl

In the final stunt, the players would have crawl on their bellies across a 60-foot tightrope between two rooftops over 100 feet high. If they flipped to the underside of the rope, two minutes would be added on to their time. The contestant to get from one end of the rope to the other in the fastest time would win the $50,000.


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