Fear Factor S01E07

Contestant Stunt 1 Stunt 2 Stunt 3
Laura Advanced Advanced Eliminated
Billy Advanced Advanced Eliminated
Angel Advanced Advanced Eliminated
Sofa Advanced Advanced Eliminated
Matt Advanced Advanced Winner
Michael Advanced Advanced Eliminated

For the first stunt called ‘free fall’, the contestants have to climb out of a 12th floor hotel window and hang from a trapeze bar. Then have to let go and plummet 120 feet to the ground with only a small cable to keep them from hitting the concrete using what is called a decelerator. Everyone who did this would advance to the next round. It’s eating for stunt two as the one’s left must eat 3 sheep eyeballs. Everyone who did this in the three-minute time limit would advance to the finals. In the final stunt the one’s left would be hung upside-down and lowered into a tank of water. The contestant who could hold their breath the longest in the tank would win the $50,000.


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