MTV’s Fear Factor Season 8 Episode 1


Welcome to the reboot of “Fear Factor” In this version of the show, rapper Ludacris is going to be the host of the show. In this version, 8 contestants (four teams) will have to complete three challenges. In each challenge, one team will be eliminated from the competition. For the last team standing, they will walk away with $50,000 and the title of Fear Factor champions. Now, these stunts have been divided into three categories:

How MTV Fear Factor Works

The first challenge is called “Beat the Beast.” In this challenge, teams will have to conquer their fear of things that are gross. This may include food, bugs, and so on. When a team wins this round, they will get an advantage in the second challenge called “Face Your Fears.” in this round, Ludacris has dug deep into the contestant’s bios and found their deepest darkest fears. By completing this challenge, they will move on to the third challenge called “The Final Challenge.” by completing “The Final Challenge,” the winning team will walk away with bragging rights and of course $50,000.

Now that you know more about the format of MTV’s Fear Factor, here is what happened on the first episode.

On episode one of “MTV’s Fear Factor, four siblings of two from different parts of the country to face their fears and to win $50,000.

Challenge #1 – BEAT THE BEAST

In the Face The Beast round, four teams will have to lay in a bed covered in roaches centipedes. The object of this challenge is to collect as many roaches as you can in a certain amount of time. Three teams will advance to the second stunt. The team with the least amount of roaches will be eliminated. The team with the most amount of roaches will earn an advantage in the second stunt.


Welcome to the second stunt called Face Your Fear. In this stunt, teams will be laying on a table in a dark enclosed box. One person will be zipped in a bag and the other one will be chained together. The one chained together must get his/her locks undone out, and free their partner. The slowest team will be eliminated and the top two will advance to the final round.


Welcome to the final stunt. This stunt is known is as “The Final Fear” and here is how it will work. Each team will be submerged under water inside a giant metal cage. The object of this stunt is to remove five lug nuts, open the door, and swim to the flags to stop your time. The team who can complete it in the fastest amount of time will win $50,000.

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