Is Scott Pelley Out as CBS Evening News Anchor?


From 2011-2017, Scott Pelley, a native of Dallas, Texas took over the Anchor role for CBS Evening News when Katie Couric was let go from the network. At the Time, Scott was a contributor for CBS’s on-air news magazine 60 Minutes, which he is still today. The reason for adding Scott to the Evening News team is because he was and is bringing hard news back to the airwaves as true journalists do.

However, on May 30, 2017, reports started to surface that Pelley was on his way out of the anchor chair. At the time of the reports coming out, Scott was on assignment for 59 minutes. Once Pelley learned that he was going to be let go from the Evening News, he called the network and told them to “clean his office” No replacement has been made, but as of Wednesday, May 31, 2017, reporter Anthony Maison has been named as Interim Evening News Anchor.

According to Page Six, wich is part of the New York Times, Pelley has been ousted because of poor ratings. Also according to Page Six, CBS executives have been planning on removing Pelley for quite some time. At the moment, no other information has been released.

With Scott out of the Evening News chair, who should replace him?

Written by Christopher Mabry

Photos from Newscast Studios and CBS News

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