Survivor: Borneo Episode #2 – Days Four, Five, and Six


Remaining Castaways

On day one, 16 people started the quest for one million dollars. After one elimination, only 15 remain.

Pagong Tagi
B.B. Dirk
Colleen Kelly
Gervase Sean
Greg Sonja
Gretchen Stacy
Jenna Susan
Joel Richard
Ramona Rudy

Last Week on Survivor: Borneo…

Previously on Survivor… 16 castaways were dropped in the middle of Borneo for the next thirty-nine days. Once at their beaches, the quickly started creating their new world. At the first Immunity challenge, the Pagong tribe took home immunity and along with the idol were fifty waterproof matches. On the evening of day three, Sonja became the first castaway voted off the island. Now fifteen castaways are left, who will be the next voted off the island?

Survivor: Borneo – Day Four

It’s now day four on the island. Knowing that both tribes are hungry, it was time to go out and fish. At the Tagi tribe, Kelly, Susan, and Stacy went on their raft and tried to fish with trips. After about twenty minutes, they decided to give up for the day. Back on dry land, Rudy was cooking in the kitchen, but draining their emergency food supply. With his Super Pole 2000 in hand, Sean decides to go fishing. After about six hours Sean decides to give up.

Survivor: Borneo – Day Five

For the immunity challenge on day Five, the production team knew how starving these castaways are. So, they decide to throw a bug eating challenge. Initially, they all get it down. In the tie-breaker round, Stacy and Gervase squared off for immunity. In the end, Stacy got her bugs down first ensuring the safety for three more days.

Survivor: Borneo – Day Six

Right before Tribal Council on day six, B.B. decides to use the fresh drinking water that was going to be used for rice for his dirty clothes. The tribe was furious and when it was time to vote, the Pagong tribe voted B.B. Off the Island. He now becomes the second individual to do so.


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